Southampton Pride in Business Network


Southampton Pride is a completely volunteer lead organisation with none of our family being paid for the work we do. Without the hard work of our incredible volunteers, our event simply could not operate.

Who Are We?

We are a Southampton based network supporting, educating and advocating for LGBTQ+ employees, their allies and their employers.

How do we benefit our members?

We give access to a hub of information, designed on helping employers attract, engage and retain your LGBTQ+ employees. 

We invite members to our regular networking and educational workshops and talks underpinning the importance of diversity at work, as well as offering expert help and resources.

We help organisations to ensure they are supporting and understanding their LGBTQ+ employees. 

We help organisations ensure they are confidently meeting their pledges around diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

We donate all of our proceeds to Southampton Pride, allowing all of our members to take part in the event and support it financially, which members can then talk to their employees and clients about.



How does it all work?

We accept members from all industries at any time of the year, for a rolling 12 month subscription.

We will give you access to our information hub and communicate with you about our networking events and our educational workshops.

We will charge you monthly, via direct debit.

How do I join, and what does it cost?

Complete the membership link below

Cost is on a subscription basis, charged monthly, with terms and conditions apply.

Organisations up to 15 employees - £35 per month

Organisations of 16-35 employees - £50 per month

Organisations of 36 or more - £75 per month


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