Branding and Imagery


Southampton Pride is a completely volunteer lead organisation with none of our family being paid for the work we do. Without the hard work of our incredible volunteers, our event simply could not operate.

Southampton Pride has had a makeover! After 7 years with variations of our original logos and branding, we've decided to shake things up a bit, refresh our image and put the community we belong to back at the forefront of what we do!

Our new branding features the gorgeous and iconic Bargate structure which remains a central part of our march route, coloured in the progress flag colours (with an added slash of bisexual) along with a brand new typeface for the Southampton Pride wording.

While (due to financial constraints) some of the original branding may still appear on official documentation and event branding on the day, we kindly ask any media, sponsors or partners to refrain from using any of the original logos and move to the new style.

The button below links to a google drive folder with examples of the logo for use by sponsors, partners and the media.

Please note Southampton Pride is a registered trademark and anybody found using the "Southampton Pride" wording or imagery when unauthorised may be subject to legal action.


New Branding Guidelines

The image above shows the logo in two different formats. Our primary logo features the bargate sat on top of the wording with a line underneath, this should be used primarily as our main logo. Where design issues dictate, our secondary logo may be used which features the wording to the right hand side of the bargate symbol.

The Southampton Pride wording must only use the font "Funtastic" - any other font or typeface would be in breach of brand guidelines.

Our primary styling uses the white font and includes the logo overlaying an image or graphical background. Where the wording is against a white background or light background which makes the wording unreadable, a BLACK variety may be used, as demonstrated above. This is the only colour that is authorised for use.


The image below shows which logos from our history must no longer be used. Please honour this request and help us build an identity with our new branding.